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Dispatches from Isolation: Day 8—Nice surprise

Empathy is overrated in the Virtue Signal crowd. It is unfortunately underrated for the rest of us.

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The cycle continues. Only broken by a nice surprise. And a fight.


Yet again woke up late. The restructuring is done. The ecommerce store is back online. I started working back on it right away. God bless the internet.


Restarting a store is difficult. Especially if you have not invested in any automation. Here’s a free tip for you; invest in automation. All is quiet on the health front. I had a mild cough, but the antihistamine and a hot shower made it all better. Another privilege I have; access to cheap, potable heated water.


My wife planned a garden candle lit dinner for us Corona-affected. It was fantastic. A great change of pace. We observed all the precautions. The dinner was fantastic. Fried ‘Dhaka Style’ chicken and Karahi Chicken.

The Fight

Empathy is over-valued as a virtue. Especially on social-media. Empaths feel frustration and anger far more strongly and a lot of the times, at a much higher proportion, compared to non-Empaths. Empathy is also under-utilized as a practice; the social media bully crowd is usually, but not always, punching down, while extoling the benefits of considering the feelings of other people. All this is to say that my wife and I had a fight right after the pleasant surprise. It was my fault.

When I paint her as a Hero, I also take away her humanity. She is not Superman. She is not infallible. This must be difficult for her as well. If empathy is a virtue, than it should be extended to those closest to us first. I failed in that respect. The fight was a result of my consideration that my own pain supersedes hers. That it should render her pain ‘obsolete’. Humans don’t work that way. We can each be in our own private hell. One should always consider that.

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