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Dispatches from Isolation: Day 7—A whole week of this!😲

My wife, the Hero. And a note on powerlessness.


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Most of the smell is back definitely. Otherwise the cycle continues. I am thinking about moving the test up, despite advise against it. PCR will give you a positive even if you have a cured because the ‘dead’ virus is still there. At least, that’s what I have been told. I don’t want to research. I want this disease to just go away.


Late morning wake up. If this was a vacation, this would be the day the novelty would wear off. The locals would be bored of me. I would be bored of their anecdotes and would be packing my bags. Except their are no local. There are no bags. And I can’t leave.


I managed to read some of the revised edition of ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’. Outside on the balcony.


Worked on the ecommerce blog post a little bit. Making money is hard.

Another note on Privilege

This post may seem like a cry for help, but I would still like to acknowledge my privilege again. I have ample space and a private bathroom access. I am repeating myself, but 1 in 3 people in this world does not have access to toilets on any given day. That’s 2.4 Billion People. I am literally living like a king. I also would like to thank my wife. She has been a Hero in all of this. My Parents and I, besides not feeling deprived of anything, have been pampered silly. My father exclaimed that it was like being in a five-star hotel with room-service.

And a note on Power

All of that said, I have lost some of my privilege as well. I am able-bodied, and besides a common, mild blood disorder, I am healthy. The simple mobility that I took for granted has been a loss. While I love what my wife has done for me, the powerlessness of limited mobility has been eye-opening. There are differently-abled people for whom this is a daily reality. Some are rendered powerless more so by state and legal mechanisms, then by their respective abilities. If you have someone in your life that is differently-abled, and you feel them being short, or annoyed, or just grumpy, please remember that it is harder for them than it is for you. They have to deal with the social imposition of powerlessness, if not physical.

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