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Dispatches from Isolation: Day 6—Happy Birthday to Me

We gon’ party like its your birthday in isolation

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Some of the smell came back. Or it’s the same and I can’t tell the difference.

Early Morning

I wasn’t able to sleep till the 4AM. I have no idea why.


I woke up at 9. Tried tossing and turning, could not sleep. Smell is slightly better. Some flavor was back. I had some breathing issues. The morning was uneventful otherwise.


This is not the worst birthday ever. But it is down there. I mostly wasted time on Youtube, the ecommerce restructuring is continuing. There wasn’t much for me to do. I started writing my ecommerce how to. I now have 6 years of experience in the industry. At this point I am familiar about every aspect of this industry. At least the retail and digital marketing sectors. I decided to turn it into a series of posts. The Shape of Ideas metaphor was probably the most brilliant idea I have ever had.

My chest X-Rays got back. They are ok. The doctor told me to take Azithromycin and an antihistamine for the sore throat. They work.


They made a sequel to Batman: White Knight. The sequel lacks the social conscience of the original, but it is more interested turning the Batman mythos on its head. It also has the most boring character to be Batman ever; Azrael. There was nothing interesting about him in 90s, and there was nothing interesting about him here. The change in status quo does setup better stories.


I was tired and went to sleep at around 9:30. I woke up at around 11:30PM. Famished. I tried going back to sleep but it took 4 hours. Continuous sleep was already a luxury for me before this disease. This is was one of the better days.

Next: Running on Empty.

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