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Dispatches from Isolation—Day 9: Feeling Bad in Isolation

Hindsight is useless in the past.

This post is part of my Isolation Diaries. You can check the rest of them on the category page.

Anger and resentment are worse when you are confined.


The wife and I were still ‘fighting’.


Ecommerce is a brutal business now. Especially in Pakistan. Facebook and Google have no clean data. They claim they do. But they do not. Trying to get to your audience is impossible, since you can never know what your audience is. It’s TV advertising 2.0.

That is what I spent my afternoon on. I have also focused more o content marketing. I have trained a ‘creator’ my self and tasked him with creating videos for out brand. Response has been slow, but encouraging. Writing this diary has been an escape form this, even when I don’t have much to write.


Another candlelit dinner. Stock, Fried Pomfret. and Rabri for dessert. It was delicious, but I was ceding no ground in this fight Goddammit! If you read the previous post, you might be thinking, “What happened to the mature guy talking about empathy?”. Well I wrote it after hindsight. The problem with hindsight is it never catches up to you on time.

Now I feel bad.


I watched Rocketman, the Elton John biopic. I was told that it is not a typical boring musician biopic. As in, it was not Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. I was told wrong. The difference however, is that it is:

  • An actual musical
  • It does tie the tired tropes down with Elton John’s psyche.

Otherwise it had all the same flashback format that the genre is notorious for. Not a terrible watch, though.

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