Isolation Diaries

Dispatches from Isolation 2022: Day 1

Worst Sequel of All Time!

I have COVID again. I don’t know the variant, but it is probably Omicron. It is worse than the last time. I will try to document my Isolation again like the last time.

The Tests

My wife was not feeling well 2 days ago. We got the at home tests. We tested her, and it was negative. Much rejoicing happened. However, it was short lived. I felt really sick late into the night.

I did a test on myself. It was negative. Or so I thought. I did not throw it away, which probably saved my wife. My immunocompromised wife. A few hours later, when I went to throw the used test away, I saw the Two Lines of Doom.

A screenshot of the manual for the COVID antigen test.
A screenshot of the manual for the COVID antigen test.

I did another test, and that was positive as well. So I asked prepared for isolation and asked my wife to take the test again, which again turned out negative. I’ll have to go through isolation alone, but she remains safe. I am quite thankful for that.

What is different

The infection is way worse. I had mild flu-like symptoms last time, with some bouts of extreme body aches. This time It feels a whole lot worse. My nose is stuffed, the right side of my back hurts, sore throat and I am coughing up a storm. I have a headache, have trouble focusing on anything. Including a writing of this post.

The circumstances are different too. Last time, I was not running my own business, and my wife had not manifested her Type-1 Diabetes. I need to be more careful, but also require more room. So this time I have a section of my house to my self. Two rooms, one bathroom.

I also have a 3 year-old, than a barely two year-old last time. He feels my absence a lot more now.

How am I doing

Not fine.

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