Isolation Diaries

Dispatches from Isolation 2022: It’s not as deadly

It is also not mild

The great news about the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 virus is that it is not as deadly as the previous major variant, Delta. However, some have taken it to mean that it is a mild infection. It is not. It sucks.

The Morning

Woke up in the morning to coughing fits.. 5AM. Could not sleep at all. Tried white noise, reading, trying to deep breathe. Nothing worked until around 8.

MedLife Crisis

My wife really believes that there is a pill for every thing. I disagree. This is not major issue. Until I get sick. Especially with a still mysterious disease such as COVID. It seems to me that Doctors, in order maintain public trust, are prescribing meds just to prescribe. I have been told to take Vitamins and Azithromycin. Both have shown to have no direct effect on any COVID system. They are no different than darlings of conspiracy theorists and quacks; Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.

There is no real treatment other than keep drinking water. That being said, I am taking Azithromycin and CaC-1000. It is not a battle I will win. However, I do enjoy the effervescent action of the CaC tab. It is very relaxing.

Animated gif of an effervescent tablet in water.
A CaC-1000 tab dissolving in water.

A note on Complacency

Crises can reveal a lot about the self. What this one has revealed about me is that I can be very complacent. The freedom of movement that comes with having multiple rooms to isolate in has lead to simple mistakes like not wearing masks when going between rooms. Yes masks do not provide 100% safety, but if a good quality face mask can prevent 1% of the vaporous output from my mouth, that is a infinitely higher protection than 0%.

I need to carry my mask everywhere.

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