The time a podcast interview made me lose sleep

The narratives Nation States propagate are the basis of culture. Pakistan’s culture is based upon vacuous, stupid, and intellectually dishonest narratives. And there is no hope.

I hate to post two rants back to back. But I could not sleep the whole night, last night and this will be a short one. I had the sense of overwhelming sense of hopelessness after listening to a Pakistani ‘intellectual’ on a podcast. I used scare quotes, but even that isn’t enough to express the shallowness of his analysis, if you can call it that, and the ridiculous nature of his takes. This man uses terms like ‘Scientific Method’ incorrectly with the confidence that an only an extremely ignorant person would.

Of course, Dunning-Kruger effect is common everywhere when people talk about geopolitics anywhere in the world. It is a complex world and human beings have a tendency to misrepresent patterns that benefit their world views. The problem is that nowhere outside of Pakistan would these people be taken seriously. Not only that, it is these ideas are prevalent amongst policy makers. This leads to the same Asinine policies that has plagued this country for the past 74 years. This is the reason there is no East Pakistan. This the reason we do not have working trade relationships with most of our neighbors. This is the reason we have a nuclear bomb but have to kow tow tiny despots lording over less people than the population of Orangi Town.

You might be thinking; ‘But you can have a civil disagreement, and not resort to name calling.’

This is the real Political Correctness Gone Mad®. Somehow, recently, having an open mind requires you to treat every idea equally, with no regards to its merits, or lacks thereof. The whole reason behind ‘Free Market of Ideas’ is that we call what stupid ideas what they are; stupid. Otherwise we get the whole of Pakistani History. The same cycle that keeps happening, happen.

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