30 Days of Blog

Why I will write 30 blogs in 30 days.

The challenge is simple; every day for the next 30 days I will:

  • Write at least 300 words
  • I will proof read them
  • I will post them on Medium.

This is a way to force me to write and be consistent. As James Clear wrote:

Success is the product of daily habits — not once in a lifetime transformations

Consistency is key in developing any skill, and I think this challenge will help achieve it.

Why do this?

Because I need to ‘cook’ my ideas. I have a 1000 uncooked ideas every week, but they are left unexpressed; raw and fleeting for ever. It is impossible for me separate the wheat from the chaff. Some of my ideas might also not be as unique as I may think. This might end up being a way to connect with like-minded people.

The 300 word limit

This is a lower bound. Maybe the post would be 1000 words or maybe 5000 or maybe the idea requires a 15000 words. However, not all ideas are home runs. On those days, I need to post something. I will have to force myself to post at least 300 words. The whole goal is to express myself.

Social Media

Social Media platforms are not designed for nuance. The best way to communicate on these platforms is through images, and inflammatory headlines. As far as I know, that is not a method to invite smart people.

Writing in Advance

This whole post was done today. But maybe some of them will be written in advance. Such a quick turnaround might lead to half-baked ideas getting out there. However, at this point, I believe doing something is better than nothing and I want to


David Perell has called the internet a serendipity vehicle, a way to enhance your luck. Besides that, it is a way to increase my feedback circle. My ideas may be genius, they may be mediocre, or they may lack all merit. I will not know until I put them out in the world. I also expect some sort of improvement in my writing. I do hope by the end, the final post is better to read than this one.

Can I pull it off?

Well I have achieved more than I believed possible(hopefully you will read about it in a future post). Despite my hangups(another blog), I think I this is possible.

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