Weekly Wisdom 22/11/20—The difference between Law and Justice.

Also, on Kindness and the answer to the question, ‘Is the media really “over-woke”?’


Welcome to Weekly Wisdom. Here I share my highlights and notes of all the best stuff I read, watched, or listened over the past week. All the notes are presented as is. Some might be embarrassing. Quote-blocks are highlights. Text in the right column are the notes. Any editorial will be emphasized clearly.

Kindness, or the lack thereof

“When you explain [to your children] that face masks are largely about protecting others, you suddenly see a lot of kind and caring people walking down the street.”

From: Dense Discovery, issue 14 / To be of service to others(Newsletter)

This does not happen in Pakistan.

“Yeh ek zulm ki dunya hai…”

  • 48:20—’Nobody can understand eviction without seeing it first-hand…’. This section shows what happens during an eviction. It also ends with ‘yeh ek zulm ki dunya hai’
  • 1:24:60: ‘I must tell you, that the law does not provide justice…our judges that wiped out our markets, destroyed our hawkers, did so by the letter of the law, but it was not just.’

Weirdness with respect to mean shift

…a few trends that exist broadly in the media industry and that I do think are of interest.

– The staff skews very young.
– The staff is concentrated in big coastal cities, and especially New York.
– The staff is overwhelmingly composed of graduates of selective colleges (state university flagship campuses and private schools with names you know).

The basic dynamic is that if you take a normal distribution (say of political views) and then shift the average a bit to one side, you end up with explosive growth in the number of outliers. In this chart, the average of the red line isn’t so different from the average of the black line. But the right-hand tail of the red line is much higher than the black.

The mean shifts one deviation point but the extreme is now 2 deviation points.
The mean shifts one deviation point but the extreme is now 2 deviation points from the previous mean.

If everyone in digital media is an under-fifty college graduate living in a big city, then it’s not that everyone in digital media is a far-left weirdo, but you do get drastically more far-left weirdness.

From: What’s Wrong With The Media?, Matty Yglesias

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