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Some more lessons I learned publishing every day[30 Days of Blog 21]

Writing every day can be a chore. I have made mistakes so you don’t have to. Part 1 here.

There will be no second drafts

When you write everyday, you don’t have much time to revise your drafts. So make sure to set aside time not just to write but to proofread as well. You will otherwise find that your detailed analysis of, say, the biology of a Lark is a missing an Article in the title or you have used the wrong adjective to describe the wrong organ.

Not every hit is a six

For people unfamiliar with the sport of Cricket, just replace the analogy with your favorite sports’ most favorable outcome. Writing, proofreading and publishing daily means sacrificing your best ideas for the sake of the schedule. I have done it. More than once. This piece is a result of one such sacrifice. You have to understand that you are not doing this to earn praise, or accolades. You are doing this to shape you identity. Consistency and frequency are more important here than quality. Quality will come later.

Writing is Thinking

Most of the ideas I have are half-baked, until I write. This is a feature of my personality, for sure. I usually will have new insights in conversation. However, writing illuminates your ideas more than thinking in isolation, or even conversation. As David McCollough once said:

Writing is thinking. To write well is to think clearly. That’s why it’s so hard.

Marginal Writing

Marginal Thinking is a concept in economics. It is defined as measuring the cost increasing by just one unit against its benefit. You can apply this to your own writing when done under this schedule. Some of your ideas will end up being more expansive than you thought at first. You have to decide if its worth adding just one more paragraph. That paragraph would only increase complexity and length. You can always break your essay in two parts. And now you don’t have material for another day.

Seriously, there will be no second drafts

So make sure you make no mistake.

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