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My best, worst, and other posts[30 days of blog BONUS!]

This post is part of my 30 blogs in 30 days series. More details here.

Hello Everyone.

I finished 30 straight days of blogging last week. The goal was consistency. Follow this thread to see which on my writings were great, which were not, which were hits, and which fell flat.

The Best Piece

The Best Piece, in my opinion, I wrote was on Day 13: A Helpful Guide to Being Right all the time! If you do not get it by the title, it is satire. I have been told it is hilarious. Humour is subjective, so YMMV.

A Helpful Guide to Being Right all the time![30 Days of Blog 13]

The Most Popular

The most popular post I wrote was about the Technological debt of Pakistan. I wrote it early on, and did not promote it any more than usual.

Pakistan’s Technological Debt[30 days of Blog 3]

I revisited the Subject again when I had an annoying experience at a petrol pump(or gas station if you’re so inclined)…

An Example of Technical Debt from my daily life[30 Days of Blog 11]

..and when I had a similar annoying experience at a restaurant take-out.

Technological Debt and the Pakistani Restaurant Industry[30 days of blog 15]

The Worst

I can say without a doubt that this was the worst thing I wrote. Not because of a lack of thought or craft, but because I posted it incomplete.

Work in the 21st Century: Human Pack-Mules[30 Days of Blog 22]

The Most Creative

Twice I ran out of Ideas, and twice I used it as fuel to write about how I ran out of ideas:

Part 1:

300 words[30 Days of Blog 16]

Part 2:

Another 300 Words[30 Days of Blog 27]

The Trilogy

The topic I devoted the most words on was a benign, but personally annoying one: Voice Notes that you get on text-messaging services. Part 1 is illustrating the annoyance in terms of Marshall Macluhan’s media theory.

The Medium is the Wrong Message: Why voice-notes annoy me![30 Days of Blog 23]

Part 2 gives you some practical reasons on my voice-messages do not gel with text messages.

Voice-notes are terrible, horrible, no-good part 2: Some Practical Reasons[30 days of Blog 24]

Part 3 is a twist 😯😯😯😯!
How voice-messaging is Good, Actually!

Voice-notes III: Why voice messaging is the future[30 days of blog 25]

The Most Important

This piece could have done with a few more drafts. But this is important because the misinformation is still out there, still being peddled by political hacks, and there are very few counter-points in English.

No! 1 in 3 pilots is not operating on a fake license.[30 Days of Blog 8]

The Most Socialist

Since any critique of big-business is deemed to be socialist, this can also be considered so. I pointed out why big corporations are really pulling ads from Facebook; it’s not about ethics. It’s about renegotiating rates.

Coca-Cola is not your friend[30 days of blog 9]

The Most Capitalist

I wrote about how the mail-order catalog of eccommerce will wither in favor of a more naturalistic Digital Bazaar model.

The Coming Digital Bazaar Revolution[30 Days of Blog 17]

The Most Edgy

Not really edgy, but maybe controversial. People tend to view history as a narrative with a right side, a wrong side and an end-point(which is supposedly now). However history is ongoing and it has no right side.

There is no Right Side of History[30 days of blog 7]

I wrote approximately over 19000 words over the course of the this series of blogs. Beside these, I also wrote posts on the business of Apple services, clickbait listicles, Google’s competition, and writing tips, among others. You can find all of them here.

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