Isolation Diaries

Dispatches from Isolation: Day 2—Real Problems

No man gets a pass

On the morning of 17th December, 2020, I found out that both my parents were also COVID19 positive. S#%@ just got real!

A Death in the Family

Right around the middle of November, we got news that my wife’s uncle and his wife got COVID19. A few days later we found out he was hospitalized, was getting supplementary oxygen. A few days later, he was on a ventilator. A few days later, he passed away. Specifically, on the 1st of December, 2020.

Deaths in the Community

Being a memon I have to be a member for my local community organization, or jamaat. In my case, the Pakistan Memon Jamaat. I am not active, but they do have my number. They text me about upcoming events and happenings in the community. Including deaths. In the past 2 month I have received more obituaries than the whole of 2019.

An Obituary

On twitter I saw this a few weeks ago:

Source: Twitter/@annagronewold


This was my day. Thinking about death, all the time. I tried distracting myself with work and tv, but you can’t. Death is there. Always. To accept mortality is to ascend. This applies to the self, but also loved ones.

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