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Another 300 Words[30 Days of Blog 27]

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Hello. I have run out of ideas again. This was a monumental undertaking to begin with. I am this close to finishing and I am not giving up. This is the 27th day of this grind. I will get through this.

The Blank Page

Publishing every day, while working full time for 6 days a week, and also raising a 20-month old is tricky. Taking the time to research, write, proof and edit at least 300 words of idea can be daunting. This is not the first time I have resorted to filling up a page. Of course, if you look at all my previous works, you will find that I am not really at a loss for words. I wrote over 1,500 words on Voice-Notes, how they suck, but actually they are awesome. All told, I have written over 16,000 words in this series. I still have ideas that may take me over the 20,000 words before this challenge is over. Provided I find the time to develop them.

The Blank page itself is not a challenge for me. I already had a topic laid out for tonight. It was not a complex or detailed idea. Yet even such a simple idea required more time than I could give it. Writing is hard. And writing under a constant deadline is harder.

The Solution

Writing non-sense, like this. The goal I had set out for myself wasn’t to be the best writer. It is to be a writer. To change my identity by a developing a habit of writing. Consistency is more important that quality in this case. Eventually I may become a good writer. or I may not. But I can’t be one without trying. This is a way to try.

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