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4 Lessons I Learned Writing Daily[30 Days of Blog 14]

This post is part of my 30 blogs in 30 days series. More details here.

1) Writing is hard

This is self-explanatory. Writing is work. When you write for public consumption, you have two competing goals; to express yourself in an efficient and concise manner. Brevity is the soul of wit, but the majority of people who will come across your will not read it. This is the nature of the internet. So it is on you to make it welcoming for people who stay. Writing on a daily schedule, achieving that clarity is quite difficult.

2) You will fail

This post itself is a result of failure. I had an another topic that was a quarter of the way done before I realized it was too ambitious. I have already failed in one part of my challenge. I have yet to proof-read anything thoroughly. This has resulted some less than stellar results. Trying to write, edit, and post everyday is not feasible. The solution is to sacrifice one of the step.

Since I am committed to posting every day, the sacrifice is usually the edit.

3) There is always more to say

My longest essay was the first ‘real’ one I wrote during this challenge, on reshaping your identity with good habits. It too was more ambitious than the schedule allowed. Even after the transition I left most of ideas on the cutting room floor. Even after all that, it was down to the wire. I barely posted it on time.

4) You have already written your piece

Most of my ideas are just an amalgamation of the things I have read. I understand that this is not a revelatory or a novel idea, especially to people who write. But it needs to be said. There is also a practical reason for stating this. I can just write my ideas down when I get them, collect them all and then create my posts from those notes.

Of course, this would have been a great idea before I start this challenge.

The Prognosis

My end goals were to develop my ideas and my writing skills. All of these lessons have gone a great way towards those goals. I not quite halfway done, so maybe there are more lessons to learn. I am still want to see this to the end.

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