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300 words[30 Days of Blog 16]

This post is part of my 30 blogs in 30 days series. More details here.

An empty page can at once be overwhelming and a call to adventure. Some authors can fill page and pages, pouring their heart out. Others find it hard to write a page full of fluff, like yours truly. Daunting as it is to come up with words on the fly, doubly so to do it every day. So today I will try to see if I can write a coherent essay comprising of 300 words, about how hard it is to come up with 300 words. The challenge would be to limit it to 300 words(excluding the blurb above) only.

The Dilemma

When I started this challenge, I was sure that I had more than 30 ideas. However, some of those ideas required more ‘cooking’ time, while others require more research. Most of the remaining ideas require a lot more time than the hour or so I spend on these every day. I have already ‘cheated’ by using previously written Facebook posts and adapting them to the blog format. I am out of that bank, meager as it was.

So now I am stuck trying to finish a blog without any idea what I am going to write about, so I write about how hard it is to write.

90 words…

…closer to the goal. At least at the point of the heading. Now there are less words left. I may have bitten off more than I can chew. One thing I have learned is that writing not just time to write, but time to think. We do not afford ourselves enough leisure time to breathe, let alone think. Imagine if people thought a second before they posted to social media. Would we have better world? One can only wonder for now. So that’s 300 words for you!

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